About Us

Thank you for visiting our site. We are Matt Miles and Joe Clement and we have over thirty years of classroom experience. We have taught in 7 different schools, from rural to suburban to urban. We have taught 13 different subjects to six different grade levels.

What we know now, beyond doubt, is that over-reliance on digital technologies in the classroom is destroying American education.

Through our own experiences with students, their families and our colleagues, in addition to school administrators and school boards we have discovered that students today are less able to think critically and solve problems than they were fifteen, ten or even five years ago. This led us to a thorough review of scholarly research. This research leaves no doubt that the trends we are observing anecdotally are in fact real, and one of the primary causes is an over-reliance of digital technologies in the classroom.

Our postings here as well as our book, PaleoEducation: Teach Simpler, Learn Simpler, describe these trends in detail and propose solutions to these problems. Through these vehicles and conversations you start with your colleagues we hope to reverse the current, counter-productive educational obsession with technology.

Whether you agree or disagree, please help us enlarge and enliven the discussion about this critical issue. Read what is here. Take what you like. Leave comments. Above all else, please continue to think about and discuss this issue with family, friends and colleagues.

Thank you again for visiting our site and for becoming part of the conversation.